Free Search

Career Personnel is 100% employer paid.  We only service employers who are looking for full-time permanent employees.  We do not place temporary or temp-to-perm positions.

Confidential Search

Our recruiters are experienced in dealing with candidates that are currently working.  You can be completely assured that your search will be kept in strict confidence. 

Resume Advice

We have years of experience; we know what employers are looking for in candidates.  We know why they like to see certain candidates and why they refuse to interview others.  Often times we find that two candidates may have the exact same experience, yet one will present themselves better on paper.  We will assist you with your resume.

Preparing for the Interview

Unless you are a candidate that changes jobs often and does not interview well, chances are you will not have extensive interviewing experience.  Each of our recruiters sends out 15-20 candidates per week to interview with our client companies.  We have extensive knowledge on the "do's" and "don'ts" of interviewing.  We get feedback from the clients daily as to why they hire one candidate over another.  We can assist you in the process to ensure you are successful in your search.